Achieve Your Dreams

I was so embarrassed the other day and then realized how crazy that was! It was when I realized I had encouraged myself…out loud…in front of people. I was playing Pickleball the other day with some advanced beginners (we miss the ball a lot 🙂) and I was yelling to the other ladies: “Nice hustle!”“You […]

Spiritual Energy Healing for Anxiety & Depression

SUMMARY – Short and sweet version 😊 Essentially if you want to feel good about yourself while feeling more alive you must break the hidden harmful issues held in the body as the latest research shows…not the mind (those are dated beliefs and incorrect assumptions.) And if you want support to remove the source of […]

The Power of the Divine

The Divine definitely has a sense of humor! Never in a million years would I have thought that this message would be exactly what I needed to “hear”: Ghostbusters! Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters… LINK: And with healing and support you can tap into that sense of humor too. So you feel good about yourself […]


I’m so excited to share the book The 5 Personality Patterns written by best-selling author Steven Kessler.  Because it literally changed my life (and my clients’ lives which I will share below!)  It allowed me to offer compassion to myself in a way I had been unable to before. To understand that when I am […]

Experience the Voice of Love with Energy Healing

Imagine instead of walking on eggshells in relationships or ruminating over the latest conversation with a loved one for days on end, you feel a deep sense of peace. That’s what hearing the voice of love does for you. Here’s a quick 1 minute video where I talk about the voice of negativity versus the […]

Experience Rapid Transformation & Fulfilling Relationships

I am going to share a testimonial about body scanning from the Roadmap to Tranquility™ Self-Assessment in just a moment, but first I want to give a little background first. One of my favorite songs growing up was Pass it On. Occasionally Carol would play it on her guitar 🎵 during the 11:30 mass and I was […]

Feel Good About Yourself: Break the Downward Spiral of Negativity

👉 Stopping the negative thoughts when they come in and having an “attitude of gratitude” is one of the worst things to do if you want to feel happy. If you’re stuck in a never-ending pattern of daily negative and cringe worthy thoughts, feeling emotionally drained, dealing with strained relationships, and maybe worried that things […]

Empaths, HSP, Sensitives & Boundaries

Prefer the podcast? Manifesting from the Heart In this episode: For the empaths, HSP’s and sensitives…if you are hyper aware of other people’s feelings and can even feel them in your body, there is healing that you can do and strategies you can put in place. So that you don’t end up exhausted. Or resentful […]

⚡ Feeling Guilty When You Try to Recharge & Relax Podcast ⚡

You know you need to recharge your batteries in order to help more people. In order to show up as the partner or parent you want to be… But what happens when you find something that really refreshes you but you cannot get over the guilt of spending the time on yourself? If you do […]