Strengthen your spiritual connection, heal your relationship with yourself, and discover the most authentic version of you...without the guilt!

We offer new and different tools and techniques to build resilience so you can:

✨ Restore hope.

✨ Stand strong for your beliefs without blowing up at people.

✨ Experience more love and radical acceptance.

✨ Advocate for yourself so that you can contribute to the world in a meaningful way.

And we do it in a lighthearted way because healing doesn’t have to torture. 

Empowerment Coaching & Energy Healing

Coming in to my session with Johnlyn, I had no idea what to expect, just that I had some 'stuff' that I needed to work on. I suppose I thought it might be confronting, but my healing session was a truly effortless experience. We let the conversation meander and noticed more than one fascinating 'energy coincidence' as we hit on particular topics. I left the time with Johnlyn feeling lighter and more connected to myself than I had in a long time. She equipped me with the tools to check in with myself and the universe in order to stay in this lighter space. I'm truly grateful for the time we spent together, and look forward to the next session

{Free} In person opportunities in Mesilla, NM!

Classes held in TruArt's classroom located behind TruArt in Mesilla, NM.

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New class coming soon.

Uniquely You

Center Yourself, Shake Off the Funk and Shine.

Typically held on the 2nd (or 3rd) Sunday of the month at 11AM to learn, grow and heal.

What's keeping you awake at night?

  • Feeling like a failure? An imposter?  
  • All of the things you “should” have gotten done? Or “should” do.
  • Feeling like you haven’t made an impact in the world?
  • Physical pain? Mind spinning?

If we want to live a more fulfilling life we need to change how we are functioning.

How we are functioning as a society is causing physical, emotional, mental and spiritual pain.

Until we shift that, we will continue to experience stress and stress leads to health issues.


Senior-Level IT Professional

"Once I decided to stop trying to understand why her methods work and started to accept that they can and did work, I started feeling better."

Dr. Judith Kennedy, Psychotherapist

"Whatever your issue, Johnlyn will help you integrate and befriend all you have done, making yourself more successful in all areas of your life. Scheduling sessions with her is an investment in yourself, your whole self.”

CEO, IT Consulting Firm

For many of us, we carry along so much emotional baggage, and we struggle to keep it all in. Johnlyn will help relieve you of that burden and show you that you do not have to carry it around every day, dragging down all you want to do.

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who is she?


Hi I’m Johnlyn ~ like Jacqueline, but with John.

As a trauma-informed empowerment coach and energy healer, every day I work with clients who’ve realized their life could be richer, fuller, and more expansive than they ever thought possible with the help of divinely-inspired healing.

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Hi I’m Johnlyn ~ like Jacqueline, but with John.

My journey into alternative healthcare began in 2010 with chronic health issues. I suffered for years before I added in energy healing that works at the subtle level (beliefs, emotions, memories, etc.)

Finally, finally, my physical issues improved as well as my emotional health. I started studying energy healing because of the profound effect it had on my own life.

Today, I get to watch amazing transformation in my clients doing structured energy healing sessions using both the BodyTalk™ & Accunect™ energy healing systems.