Johnlyn Broeder, Energy Healer & Artist

Hi there & welcome!

Before I was diagnosed with PTSD I didn’t know that I had lived with anxiety & depression my entire life. It was “normal” for my family of origin, and I didn’t realize there was a different way to live.

Because everything is connected…I started experiencing physical health issues at the age of 30. The chronic physical issues arrived at 40 and a PTSD diagnosis when I was 45.

~ Healing happens when we embrace our unique character traits and bring those gifts out into the world.

Client testimonial: "I feel like dancing again!"

~ We feel relief when we address the hidden issues we cannot see with our eyeballs!

Feeling Good Again!

Perhaps you are like me and have tried many approaches to try to feel better! I kept trying until I found one that worked. It was paramount for my health to:

Because of the transformation I experienced that used a structured energy healing approach, in 2017 I decided to become a BodyTalk™ practitioner.  

From there, I went onto study and get certified in the Accunect™ energy healing system that focuses on the whole person: body, mind, and spirit.

And these humans…sometimes we like each other, sometimes we don’t,
but they will forever be on my heart.