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I am going to share a testimonial about body scanning from the Roadmap to Tranquility™ Self-Assessment in just a moment, but first I want to give a little background first.

One of my favorite songs growing up was Pass it On. Occasionally Carol would play it on her guitar 🎵 during the 11:30 mass and I was in heaven!

The song starts out…

🔥 It only takes a spark to get a fire going, and soon all those around can warm up in its glowing. That’s how it is with God’s love, once you’ve experienced it…🔥

My mission is to help people experience the power of Divine love in their own way – the way that is right for them – by releasing guilt, anger, and trauma held in their body. This allows them to connect to that love and then they can feel happier, relax, and enjoy deeply fulfilling and connected relationships!

Can you imagine that with me for just a moment? 

Imagine how the kids in our society would act if they were surrounded by genuinely happy, relaxed, and fulfilled adults. 

🧡 The impact would be massive! 🧡

And I want you to know it is possible. When you focus on releasing the wounds held in your body (not your mind) miracles happen…rapid transformation is possible. 

Your spark can warm up people around you!

Back to the assessment…

Joe was one of my clients that participated in the Rapid Transformational Healing program. He recently took the Roadmap to Tranquility™ Self-Assessment. I asked him for feedback and this was his response:

“I think regular scanning and scanning new or different situations has been a tremendous help.

It is amazing to be living with so many options open and feeling very secure with a non-permanent living space. If it doesn’t fit in the van, I don’t need it…And yet, my relationships with others seems to have improved immensely.”

When Joe first came to see me he carried a lot of guilt. 

Through our sessions and his continued practice of attending the Catholic church faithfully he has a new lease on life!

He sent this message when I asked him about any guilty feelings now after completing the program:

Can you imagine a world where 10,000 people released deep-seated grief, anger, and guilt from their body?

Where they showed up in life relaxed, happier, and felt deeply connected to themselves and connected to their something Greater (Divine, God, Universe, Source, a feeling, etc.)

Are you ready to be one of the 10,000 people in our world that feels happier and experiences deeply fulfilling relationships

Now is the time to shine ☀️!

If you want more information about energy healing in Las Cruces, NM (my office is inside Sonoma Stretch) or to set up a Zoom sessions contact me!

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