Empaths, HSP, Sensitives & Boundaries

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In this episode:

For the empaths, HSP’s and sensitives…if you are hyper aware of other people’s feelings and can even feel them in your body, there is healing that you can do and strategies you can put in place. So that you don’t end up exhausted.

Or resentful and bitter.

Other topics:

1. Radically accepting the sensitivity you have as something you can love and cherish. Not seeing it as something that is a problem.

2. Healing the oversensitivity and really tuning into the belief that it is wise to feel other people’s feelings in your body.

I loved what my mentor and one of the founders of the Accunect healing modality said “just because you are an empath doesn’t mean you have to stay like that. You can heal, it’s just a coping skill.”

3. An opportunity to enforce a boundary against aggressive energy that is so prevalent in the world today.

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