Dr. Judith Kennedy, Psychotherapist

“I have known Johnlyn for several years, and I highly recommend her for your healing needs. 

She is authentic; a real healer.  I am an independent and successful woman, and Johnlyn has helped me with troubling symptoms of allergies, sleep difficulties and being more compassionate toward myself.  She has helped me to acknowledge my accomplishments by inhabiting them, so that I am comfortable celebrating all I have done. 

Even successful people can benefit from the loving healing techniques Johnlyn knows. 

Whatever your issue, Johnlyn will help you integrate and befriend all you have done, making yourself more successful in all areas of your life

Scheduling sessions with her is an investment in yourself, your whole self.”

I was definitely skeptical walking into my first session with Johnlyn.  I was not sure where any of it would go, or if it would be a waste of time.  I can assure you now, my time was VERY well spent!

I don’t understand a lot of it, which is tough for a person like me, I want to understand everything.  That was the surprise — it does not matter if I understand how Johnlyn’s sessions work.  They just do.  And, for once, that is just fine by me.

For many of us, we carry along so much emotional baggage, and we struggle to keep it all in.  Johnlyn will help relieve you of that burden and show you that you do not have to carry it around every day, dragging down all you want to do. She challenged me when I needed it most.

I can honestly say I have felt both physical and emotional pain drop at the first session.  Not free of pain, but noticeably less.  It has taken years to get to where I was, it is going to take me a while to get totally healthy, but I have evidenced progress after each session and video.  One day at a time.

One thing I had to do was be open and willing to at least listen and try.

I cannot thank Johnlyn enough for her guidance and understanding.

CEO IT Consulting Firm

Lin Guttenberg

Johnlyn is very easy and fun to work with and her method works! 

I have been dealing with shoulder pain from bursitis for 4 years.  Many times one or both of my shoulders were painful even when doing nothing.

I was using a sleep aid and pain reliever every night just so I could sleep. 

After working with Johnlyn, I do not need them any more! 

The pain is gone and I can even move my shoulders around without any pain.

As someone who has worked in IT for years, I deal with numbers and facts.  Logic is central to my thinking.

And yet, my reasoning failed me when I tried to use it to deal with some chronic health issues.  I have been dealing with severe pain in my back, for example.  I went to a specialist, who prescribed some muscle relaxants.  I tried them for a couple of months, they did little more than make my sleepy — I was now tired and in pain.

I called the specialist, asking for help.  He suggested I try different combinations of the meds he had prescribed, he said to call him back and let him know what worked, then he would change the prescription.

Big surprise — that did zero good.  Trying 3 times the initial dosages left me 3 times as tired but did not alleviate the pain.

Fortunately, I wound up connecting with Johnlyn.  I do not understand how what she does works, but it works, it is that simple.  Once I decided to stop trying to understand why her methods work and started to accept that they can and did work, I started feeling better.

I am not pain free (yet!), but I am not taking any muscle pills. It is noticeably better.  I could not sleep due to the pain.  Now I sleep well most nights.

What I know is this — our bodies and minds are one, and Johnlyn’s methods made me realize that one affects the other, so by working through my emotions and “pivoting” (as she says), my body gets better, too.

I had nothing to lose other than a little time and a lot of pain.  It is working for me, I bet it would work for you if you give it a chance, give YOURSELF a chance to feel better.

Senior-Level IT Professional