Feel Good About Yourself: Break the Downward Spiral of Negativity

👉 Stopping the negative thoughts when they come in and having an “attitude of gratitude” is one of the worst things to do if you want to feel happy.

If you’re stuck in a never-ending pattern of daily negative and cringe worthy thoughts, feeling emotionally drained, dealing with strained relationships, and maybe worried that things will never get better, I’m willing to bet that you’ve tried what the leading experts preach: stopping the negative thoughts when they come in and adopting an ‘attitude of gratitude.’

😵 As you probably know by now, they don’t stop the avalanche of negative thoughts. And worse, it may even kick you into a spiral of worse negativity and frustration…because you can’t even do that right!

I get it though, it might give you some relief and you might feel more empowered temporarily but if you are like most people, eventually it wears off and you go back to the way you were.

If that is all it took, then ANYONE who practiced these techniques would move forward easily from anxiety and depression and we all know that’s not the case.

👉 When we see people who don’t spiral into hopelessness when life happens, it’s because they can face their emotions without letting them dictate their lives.

Hi there! I’m Johnlyn Broeder and after working with over 500 clients I’ve developed a simple process using targeted energy healing techniques to break that spiral of negativity by releasing repressed emotions and clearing stuck energy patterns you are holding in your body.

So you grow into the kind of person who can handle anything life throws their way… no matter how tough the situation is and return to your authentic happy self once again.

✨During sessions you simply sit back and relax. And using my little-known 5-part Tranquility Process™ you will effortlessly release emotions trapped in your body so you can leave the endless spiral that has blocked you from feeling the happiness you deserve.

Does it sound crazy and too good to be true…like there’s no way it can actually be that simple? 

That is exactly what I thought! After everything I had tried to move forward from the downward spiral that plagued me.

But when I tested this process with my clients, everybody was getting the same remarkable results — regardless of their starting point. They were all experiencing more happiness, and peace…and quickly. They could get out of the spiral much quicker, and oftentimes before they even start to spiral. 

👉 Because let’s face it…”life” is always going to happen and being able to face the emotions that come up is paramount to your happiness.

For the last 3 years I’ve used this process and helped my clients experience more joy, peace, and hope. And now I want the same for you…join me in this energy healing masterclass where you will experience the 5-part Tranquility Process™ by clicking the link below!

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