Energy healing was the missing key to happiness and honoring boundaries for D. Garcia.

Read on to see how quickly your life will probably improve once you experience energy healing to address the deep-seated patterns held in your body causing suffering…not in your mind as experts suggest.

And then you can be like D. Garcia…

After just 3 breakthrough energy healing sessions he describes himself as happy…and it’s been 10 years since he’s had that feeling!

That almost indescribable feeling of happiness. Not the “on the surface,” fleeting feeling but deep, deep inside.

In fact, he knew when his wife asked him why he was whistling, things had really shifted for him.

Because he had finally put himself and his needs first.

And because we addressed the hidden harmful boundaries that he had in place and introduced new boundaries that supported his goals and his dreams…

…just this week he was able to naturally enforce boundaries at work so he could fulfill his responsibilities as Vice President of Operations…where the week before he was unable to.

And he was also able to verbalize issues he had been aware of in the company that went against his goal of changing the company’s culture, but until now he had been unable to vocalize them to the CEO.

What becomes possible for you when you experience that much transformation?

Experiencing more ease and flow?
…joy and happiness?

Achieving your dreams and reaching your goals?

Becoming the optimistic person you once were (or always dreamed of becoming) that conquers self-doubt and moves forward with things that make you feel alive?

To the person who is determined to feel lighter and more hopeful about the future…while also laughing more every day…I invite you to experience a Breakthrough Session!

Experience Divine Love – Stop Feeling Like Sh*t!
How to radically change your life and be imperfectly you.

When you choose to join me in a Breakthrough Energy Healing Session, you’ll experience targeted energy healing wherever you feel most comfortable and relaxed.

It will gently guide you and support you into embracing your unique, full potential… currently waiting to be released. So you can actually speak up emphatically for what you believe in, take actions to achieve your dreams, and reach your goals.

It’s an immensely important step towards creating a life where you feel good and feel more alive!

Locally inside Sonoma Stretch: Click here → In Person

Online: Click here → Via Zoom


Creator of the 5-Part Tranquility Process™

P.S. My peeps in the Limitless Love Membership get a discounted rate exclusively for them…contact me if you’d like information about the membership for energy healing and support in achieving your dreams.

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