We “Always” Have a Choice…or Do We?

Just because I know what I should do…doesn’t mean I always do it.

Yesterday I got an “inspirational” email from someone who seems very nice. Very competent in the field of psychology. It didn’t sit well with me, but I was busy and ignored myself. It niggled at me for HOURS. I kept shoving it down. I argued with myself about how I need to get over it, it was just an email!

A nice email, I kept reminding myself.

Finally, I went back to the email and read it slowly. Really allowing the sensations to rise up in my body to see what was bugging me so much.

Anger – one of the best emotions when acknowledged and allowed to flow through the body can be the motivation to make a change. To take action.  To address an old buried issue.  To create this blog post.

Here is what was bugging me: “We are never at the mercy of circumstances because we always have a choice on how we interpret and view everything.”

When I allowed myself to FEEL as I read that, I could feel so much in my physical body. I was absolutely livid. I remember back when I used to think that.

Mind over matter. Try harder. And it worked. Kind of. Until it didn’t anymore. I had to work very hard at keeping my thoughts positive.

If it was really that simple, would 40 million Americans struggle with anxiety? 40 million!

When there is stuff going on under the surface life is harder than it needs to be. When we address the old junk & clutter we can relax and start living naturally where we don’t have to work so hard.

The other issue was this…I forgot that just because she is an expert in her field, doesn’t mean she knows what is true for me. It’s an opinion. Educated opinion. I am the expert for me.

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