The Key to Manifesting Is Knowing Your Worth

Here is why and how to do that...

You’d be forgiven if your idea of manifesting was creating a vision board or saying an affirmation, waiting a few weeks, and bam! You got the job or raise or relationship you’ve been hoping for.

Unfortunately, it rarely works like that, despite what Instagram and TikTok tell you.

The truth is, in my experience, manifesting means creating the life that you want—not just acquiring one thing—and it’s something I help all of my clients do. Sure, you can manifest a career, relationship, home, or whatever person, place, or thing you want, but manifesting is most effective when your goal is to acquire an entire life that’s aligned with you and your purpose. 

And it makes total sense, right? If doubling your income means that you can save more money for your kids to go to college or contribute to causes you care about, that makes the thing you’re trying to manifest bigger than just the material thing. It’s about getting what you want and feeling good about it.

While, yes, you can definitely try to DIY this manifesting work, the biggest issue my clients run into (with or without my help) is believing that they are worthy of whatever it is they’re trying to manifest. This is actually a major roadblock since knowing in your heart that you deserve the life that you want is basically a requirement for getting it. 😎

...knowing in your heart that you deserve the life you want, is basically a requirement for getting it.

But even if it wasn’t and you magically manifested a million dollars 💰 tomorrow with your vision board, if you still had the sense that you could never be a person who didn’t stress about money, you wouldn’t feel good about having that income. When you feel unworthy of the good things life hands you, it can lead to things like procrastination, weirdness in your relationships, a sense of heaviness, or feeling like you have to work twice as hard to deserve what you have (or what you manifested). Basically, you can’t enjoy your life.

✨ On the flip side, when you feel worthy of the life you want to create, things feel easy. It feels like you’re on your way to doing what you’re supposed to be doing. You get the sense that you’re just fulfilling your life’s purpose by acquiring or achieving whatever you’re trying to manifest. That makes taking the action necessary to manifest those things feel like less of a big deal. You’re confident, you’re vulnerable, you’re willing to take risks in order to seek out the life that’s meant for you. Knowing and feeling that you’re worthy of your dream life makes you feel more alive.

Obviously, that sounds great, right? But getting to that place of worthiness isn’t easy. If it was, I wouldn’t have a job. In my experience with clients, working to heal past traumas almost always results in manifesting. That’s partially because you’re able to soothe the parts of yourself that want you to resist change, play small, and stay safe. You can show those parts that you’re deserving of a bigger, better life than you’ve ever imagined.

Here's How to Get Started:

✅ Acknowledge your goals.

In order to manifest, you first need to think about the things that are most important to you. Is it getting a bigger place so you can host family and friends more often as a way to show how much you care about them? Is it increasing your salary so that you’re able to start a family while also living comfortably? Is it landing that job that’ll help you do more good in the world or change an industry for the better? Whatever it is, think about it in detail and how you want to feel when it happens.


✅ Acknowledge how much work you’ve done so far.

I know you’ve probably been working toward this thing for a long time now, and giving yourself a pat on the back validates that. It’s not your fault that things haven’t come to fruition just yet. Tell yourself, “I see you! You’re committed! Good job!” 


✅ Notice how your body responds to the idea of worthiness.

Sit or lie down in a quiet place, close your eyes, and say to yourself out loud or in your head, “I am worthy of ___,” adding in whatever you’re trying to manifest. Then, scan your body up and down, noticing any sensations that come up. Numbness, tingling, floatiness, or even nausea can happen. if it doesn’t make you feel alive and good, then it might mean you have some work to do in the healing space. You might have a core heart wound that needs healing.


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