As a certified Accunect™ practitioner I’ve witnessed over and over again how physical symptoms improve when we address all aspects of a person: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. 

“I have been dealing with shoulder pain from bursitis for 4 years. Many times one or both of my shoulders were painful even when doing nothing. I was using a sleep aid and pain reliever every night just so I could sleep. After working with Johnlyn, I do not need them any more!”

Good Through November 10, 2021

 ✨ A special offering for the residents of Picacho Hills and Picacho Mountain.

For a free energy healing session, book an appointment for the “Info + Quick Balance” and enter in the code:


Please call or text me if you any questions or problems booking (575)322-2019.

During this introductory session, you will learn how energy imbalances affect physical and mental health. You will also learn a DIY energy healing technique.

Experience a 20 minute energy clearing session using the Accunect™ structured energy healing system.


Reveal the Heart is now located inside Sonoma Stretch at 2841-B N. Telshor Blvd.

Lindsey @ Sonoma Stretch is a certified stretch therapist who helps provides people the possibility of pain relief without medication or surgery.

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Live a more fulfilling life!

When we begin to address the root issues of stress, we can experience:

  • More peace and joy.
  • Better sleep.
  • Decreased physical pain.
  • More clarity and confidence.

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