Ladies! Hope Through Healing

Experience the Empowering Force of Spiritual Healing

Ladies! Now is the time! For you to manifest your unique, authentic, perfect-for-you life. Join us for this in person healing session at TruArt of the Earth in Mesilla, NM.

This is NOT about having the perfect life. This is a perfect-for-you life where you have the tools you need to handle what comes your way!

Imagine being able to:

… speak up and take a stand for what you want in a calm, cool manner

build fulfilling relationships

… reduce your negative self talk

achieve true work-life balance

… have the energy to take empowered action towards your purpose

If this what you always dreamed of, why haven’t you manifested it yet?

Hope Through Healing Sessions

Experience the Empowering Force of Spiritual Healing

If you’ve been searching for a revitalizing shift in your life, this session is for you. 

Did you know that a natural byproduct of spiritual healing is the manifestation of your truest desires in life?

Ladies, I invite you to join me, healing manifestation coach and emotional fitness authority, Johnlyn Broeder, for an in-person transformative hour of my signature energy healing method and receive the healing you are ready for.

Powerful transformations happen quickly when you include lighthearted healing and the power of the pure love of the Divine. As a member of this intimate circle, you’ll feel instantly lighter, and equipped to release the heaviness that has followed you around for far too long.

Sessions are in person or online (recordings sent out if you can’t make the session)

Session Details

Light-heartedness is just one part of the protocol, which creates a sense of relaxation and leads to healing at a faster rate. Learn more and see a mini Hope and Healing session -> Energy Session Details

You never know what will come in during the sessions to bring in a sense of playfulness. J.R. is a black-tailed jackrabbit that has joined us in the past! 

I was a bit hesitant to try energy healing, mostly because I didn't really know anything about it. I was tired of feeling overwhelmed, anxious and depressed. I had hit a point where I knew something had to change. After meeting Johnlyn I immediately felt comfortable. After our FIRST session I was feeling relief. I had been experiencing what felt like a "lump" in my throat for several months. Doctors recommended taking antacid medicine, and it just wasn't helping. After the first session, I had relief from the "lump". By the second session it was gone all together and has not returned. Not only, have I received relief from my physical symptoms (the lump), but I also had relief from the constant feeling of being overwhelmed and anxious. I had gotten to a point where I didn't like who I was anymore. Through my sessions with Johnlyn I have relearned how to not only like myself, but love who I am today. I feel more confident and overall just a huge weight has been lifted. These sessions have changed my life. I highly recommend working with Johnlyn at Reveal the Heart.

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NOTE: This spiritual development work is not intended to replace traditional medical treatment or emotional support.​