Break Free from Pain™

Find out if the Break Free from Pain 90 day transformational journey is right for you.

For people who crave inner peace and long to make a difference in the world!

During structured energy healing sessions we explore and balance the connection between

Break Free from Pain™

Connection + Energy Clearing

Here’s why the solution works so well:

  1. The issues are held within the tissues of the body. With energy clearing we get results quickly because we don’t dig into the past or talk about the issues, we clear them at the energetic level.
  2. I specialize in discovering the mysteries that are keeping you from living in alignment with your values. 
  3. Once the energy is cleared then you can take action steps to live on purpose with passion and ease.
  4. You are completely supported throughout the process as you adjust to a healthier lifestyle.

Tension Breaker!

Light-heartedness is part of the protocol, which creates a sense of relaxation and leads to healing at a faster rate.

You never know what will come in during the sessions to bring in a sense of playfulness. J.R. is a black-tailed jackrabbit that has joined us in the past! 


“Because of energy healing, I was able to identify and stop wasting my time doing activities that didn’t bring me joy. I rediscovered my passion for creating jewelry, I have more energy and the ability to work for long periods of time. Now I look forward to each day and to sharing my work with others.”


People report the following results after having energy clearing sessions:

A renewed sense of Hope!

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