The Grieving Process

Grief AKA Letting Go. The grieving process is not logical. You can go through all the stages of grief surrounding an event and then twenty years later have more grief come up. Emotions need to flow in the body but when they are judged or denied ie. I “should” be over this, then they just keep building and building instead of flowing. If you are feeling overwhelmed by grief or some other emotion, there is something old that needs to be addressed. The body is a storehouse of memories and one of the best ways I have found to get emotions flowing again is to literally feel the sensations in the body.

🛑 Disclaimer: I am not giving medical advice, just giving some tips from what I’ve learned on my journey.

Step 1: Be honest about the coping skills you use. Everyone has and uses coping skills at some point in their life because of pain, not because they are a bad person. To handle stress or overwhelming emotions you may find yourself: scrolling through social media too much, eating/drinking too much, becoming really sarcastic, clenching your jaw, judging everyone around you etc.

Step 2: When the coping skills kick in, it means there is something old that needs attention.

Step 3: Go somewhere safe and feel the sensations in your body…not what the emotion is or why it’s there, just the actual physical sensations you are feeling and notice how they travel through your body.

💎 We stay stuck in a rut when we continue to use coping skills instead of allowing our emotions to flow. When we disrupt the old patterns, we start to experience change. Cedric explains it HERE.

💎 When I first learned about this technique, I discovered, HOLY SCHNIKEYS!!! I have a million (and one) coping techniques that I use. I also learned that I could NOT feel the sensations in my body without feeling extremely anxious. There are many ways to disrupt old patterns that help with anxiety & depression, so I chose a different route for a while.

💎 Having an open heart & open mind helps so much when dealing with anxiety & depression. If you would like more info about disrupting energy patterns, feel free to DM me.

💎 When someone else is judging you because you are struggling to move on or let go, this is a sign of their own pain or intolerance and has nothing to do with you. You can use your energy to go within and help yourself or focus on them which is a losing battle.  If you cannot move on or let go, there is something that needs to be addressed. Remember everything is linked to everything else so what you think is the issue may not be the issue at all. That is why focusing on the physical sensations is helpful versus trying to figure it out logically.

💎 I found this article helpful: Why the 5 Stages of Grief are Wrong

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