Stress Weighing Us Down








When we start addressing the hidden issues weighing us down anything is possible. 

Everyone has different needs and different reasons for having energy healing sessions, but what they have in common is that they want to feel better but can’t figure out how to “fix it.” They have tried many things to feel better, but nothing seems to last.

When we address the deeper issues and get the energy flowing again, we start feeling better. We may have more patience, set better boundaries, respond with more love, etc.

When we can’t see the real issue that is weighing us down it’s like wearing an invisible backpack filled with 25, 50, 75 or 100 pounds of extra weight.

We may feel tired.

We may start experiencing physical issues.

We just don’t feel right.

Energy healing sessions can identify the deeper issues and help alleviate some of the weight without causing more pain. Without re-hashing anything from the past, we address past issues that are affecting us in the present.

🎁 A client I have in Las Cruces said, “I had no idea that was a concern I had!” She said she felt like some of the weight had lifted and she felt better and more lighthearted than she had in quite a while.

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