8 Divine Activations Details

Everything below are the details

During these activations, I make a suggestion for a change. To see a different possibility that you had not been able to imagine before that is more beneficial for you.

You get to choose what to do with that information. Nothing changes unless you change your mind and actions.

Activation 1

Uniquely You

Grab paper, markers, pens, paints, etc…get ready to have fun and get creative!

Claim your uniqueness! You are one of a kind. If you’ve ever felt different or like you didn’t fit it, it’s because you are different and you aren’t supposed to fit in.

Unfortunately some of us thought this meant there was something wrong with us because our uniqueness wasn’t valued in childhood. 

Activation 2

Releasing the Bonds

Have your picture from yesterday handy!

We will be releasing the bonds around the sacral chakra ~ the creativity and sexual center! This is the pleasure center…what brings us pleasure, lights us up.

Many of us carry wounds here…we could have been criticized for for our creativity and/or we could have been sexually violated.

NOTE: People are often unaware of a blockage because we blocked it out!

So we have symptoms but no “story” to go with the symptoms.

If we carry wounds here we often do not like the sensations of pleasure, excitement or joy in our bodies.

Activation 3

Spiritual Gratitude

Many of us have old “guilty gratitude energy” causing issues in our lives.

We are taught we “should” be grateful.

  • You “should” be grateful for the clothes on your back! 
  • You “should” be grateful for the food I put in front of you…there are starving children in China!
  • You “should” be grateful…when I was your age I had to walk to school uphill both ways, in the snow with no shoes on.
  • One of my clients was told she “should” be grateful her boyfriend didn’t kill her, he only beat her up a little.


We often laugh at these statements but we have been guilted or shamed into gratitude and offer no compassion for a person who is hurting, we don’t feel good about ourselves.

Spiritual gratitude on the other hand is beautiful!

It puts the "zing" back in our step and back in our lives.