Learn how to advocate for yourself, get out of the funk, and shine.

In person opportunity in Mesilla, NM!

In person classes are held at TruArt of the Earth at 1937 Calle de Parian, Mesilla, NM (behind the crystal shop.) Typically the second Sunday of the month, occasionally the third Sunday.

Tools and techniques to build resilience so you can:

✨ Restore hope.

✨ Be you. And feel good about it.

✨ Experience more love and radical acceptance.

And then contribute to the world in a meaningful way.

Next class February 12 2023, at 11:00AM.

Do you feel the pull to something Greater?

It's been a heck of a time...

You’re a true believer in something Greater ~  God, the Universe, or a feeling that’s hard to name. But something feels amiss. It’s like you lost yourself in the pursuit of remaining devoted. You don’t want to betray your upbringing, but you can’t ignore the need to bring your world into true alignment a second longer.

Perhaps you are like my clients who say:

“I don’t feel like myself.”

“I just want to be me!”

“I feel like I disappoint everyone.”

The last few years have left a lot of us in survival mode and questioning the way we live our lives. Zoom fatigue is real and so is adjusting to the “new normal.” Many people are feeling socially awkward and/or anxious around people. And questioning the beliefs they’ve lived by.

Relationship struggles are at an all time high.

Do you feel the pull of the Divine?

Are you ready to see the possibilities that a better life exists? More than simply surviving?

This is for people who are ready to:

👉 Say YES! to themselves and to remain spiritual. To get aligned with the Divine and follow their unique Spiritual path and journey. People who are ready to stop putting other people’s wants ahead of their own needs.

👉 Start seeing themselves as the miracle that they are and the gifts they have to contribute in this world. 

👉 Speak freely with love and kindness AND still get their needs met.

👉 Radically accept who they are…”sins”, warts, social awkwardness and all.

Empowerment Coaching & Energy Healing

I want to tell you what a powerful healer Johnlyn is. I had the most remarkable healing session with her today. We dealt with the mother-wound, setting boundaries, and self -respect. I have been providing and receiving healing, both in therapy and in energy work, for many decades; and today Johnlyn enabled me to release anger about the abusive relationships I have experienced, and resolve to tolerate them no longer. It was the most healing experience I have experienced.I also co-facilitated a group healing weekend with her. The healing for attendees was remarkable. Johnlyn is intuitive, has pure intentions, and is a wonderful team player. It was easy to co-facilitate with her. I fully endorse Johnlyn. With her, you are in the best possible hands.

Learn new and different ways of functioning so that you can:

✨ Get out of your funk.

✨ Restore hope.

✨ Experience more love and radical acceptance.

✨ Feel good about yourself.

And then can contribute to the world in a meaningful way.

During this class you will learn how to radically accept your current situation, honor the one in pain and encourage yourself to see different possibilities in the future.

💥 Experience energy healing so that you start addressing the root issues held in the cellular memory of the body.

💥 Learn tools & techniques that when practiced reduce stress which encourages healing in the body.

💥 Practice allowing the Divine in, in a playful way that reminds you of miracles and magic that still exists in the world.

💥 Learn how to properly use mantras to focus on what you want.

This is a gift of self-care where you learn how to love yourself and others in a way that is healthy and empowering.

Watch miracles happen when we start including the Divine in our everyday lives.


YOU matter.

You, without the excessive guilt.

Your thoughts and opinions. Your voice.

Your gifts so that you can contribute to the world in a meaningful way.

We’ve been taught to go with the flow.

Fit in. 

People even encourage others to stay in toxic family situations, simply because “they are your family!”

Find like-minded people who support you in your journey of being authentically, healthy you!

Example of an energy healing session...we must address the issues held in the cellular memory of the body.