The world has changed right before our eyes...

From Covid to political unrest and economic uncertainty, more and more people are looking at the future with fear, unsure how they will survive these trying times.
Parents that want a better life for their young adult children struggle to see how this new world will provide a promising future as they see their kids and their peers as lazy, apathetic, and unhappy.

Many feel helpless as they try to maintain these loving relationships and give advice that doesn't seem to be wanted.

These young adults look at the system given to them from their parents and grandparents as burdensome, broken, and lacking empathy. They suffer from anxiety and depression as they are bullied into living a filtered unreal, unfulfilled life. Their relationships with others often feel shallow and fleeing and they feel disconnected from a true sense of self.
Life seems more stressful than ever and the negativity can be overwhelming. Throughout history, humans have faced such times of despair and sought revolution when in reality what was needed was a REVIVAL!

A Spiritual Revival ~

a workshop to recharge your life

We will discover:
✨ how to recharge our lives with a sense of certainty
✨ how we can create deep personal connections
✨ new ways to navigate this changed world, as we seek meaningful adventures and a deeper purpose.
✨ clear negative energy and fall in love with life

When we remember our spiritual and social connections, we feel a deep sense of belonging, worthiness and fulfillment. The trick is, finding the connections that work for YOU. It might be easier at first to identify what isn’t for you, and that’s a perfect place to start. Together we’ll investigate your connections (or lack of them) and claim the path that suits you best.

You're invited! Parents and Young Adults Age 17-24


Join us as we learn how to connect and build a relationship with our Self and whatever our “Something Greater” is (God, Universe, Spirit, Community, a feeling, etc.)

Sundays 4:00-6:30PM July 17, 31 & August 7, 14

Holiday Inn Express Conference Room

2142 Telshor Court, Las Cruces, NM

Parents and Young Adults Age 17-24

revive (v.)
early 15c., reviven, “regain consciousness; recover health,” also transitive, “restore (someone) to health, revive (someone or something),” from Old French revivre (10c.) and directly from Latin revivere “to live again,” from re- “again” (see re-) + vivere “to live” (from PIE root *gwei- “to live”).