Perfectionism & Expectations

It all started with a thingie-ma-bob piece of artwork that I drew…

I sent Casper, my website designer @heartlightdigital a picture of the “thingie-ma-bob” I was working on. Casper referred to my artwork as a HER. I was literally shocked and moved to tears.  Looking back, I was expecting him to mock my imperfect sheep. Instead, sheep started showing up everywhere on my website. There was so much laughter and lightheartedness, I never knew where a sheep was going to show up.

Another time I told him that I was struggling with perfectionism on the FAQ page. Again, looking back, I expected something like: 


Grrrrrr….. (I really do make that noise) I cannot tell you how many times I have heard men say that. Not women as much. Most women I know that are impacted by perfectionism are either frozen in place, keep busy all the time, or stomp all over other people.

Casper’s response was “Hey Perfect You”… I took it as Hey Dude…no big deal, take your time. His remarks shifted something deep within my heart. Today, I honestly cannot believe I ever thought Star was a thingie-ma-bob! She makes me laugh and squeal with delight.

These AHA moments allow me to see that something deeper is going on.

It’s easy for me to label an issue as perfectionism and ignore the deeper issue that needs to be addressed.

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