Painful Memories Need Attention

Memories that make us cringe.

Memories that make us feel like we are going to explode with rage.

Memories that make us feel like a piece of trash.

When we experience symptoms of chronic anxiety, depression, or health issues we may have old memories that have a “charge” in our system. Think of it like a lighthouse that is pulsing with light.

The symptoms are like a pulsing light in our body saying “HEY!!! Pay attention to me!” Although it may not feel like it, the symptoms are there for us. It may feel like there is something broken or wrong, but our body is trying to tell us that there is something that needs attention.

⚡ If our energy is used to keep fighting off painful memories, ruminating over the memories or used to block the emotions associated with the memories, we are in fight/flight mode versus growth/healing mode. We don’t always know we are doing this. Instead, it shows up as symptoms in the body. When we are in fight/flight mode, we may feel anxious or depressed. We may feel exhausted. We may have chronic health pain. Or, we may want to live a healthier lifestyle but can’t seem to make the choices to do that.

When the symptoms are addressed at the subtle level / heart level / energetic level, we can process memories, so they are just memories without the charge or reaction in the body. We cannot process memories logically because they are not logical. Two different people can experience the same event and may remember it very differently.

If a person was the victim of a horrific act, there is absolutely no way to make sense out of it. To move forward the person needs to be able to have the memory without it affecting their health for the rest of their life. This cannot be done logically; it must be done within the body where the memories are held.

Recovery. It is a process. It doesn’t happen overnight. It happens over time as the energy or charges are attended to or processed in the body.

💃 Recovery…it can happen.

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