Our Great Recovery Las Cruces, NM

Reveal the Heart and Sonoma Stretch are offering a day of self-care, that is nurturing, relaxing and fun. With the intention to provide long term relief after the past few years of extraordinary stress.
In the video I talk about how it’s different than stress management.
We will be working on clearing out the issues held within the cellular memory of the body. For example clearing out the belief, “I can’t handle any more stress!” Then life throws ten more things at you that you have no choice but to handle.
As energy healers we focus on the body first AND then the mind is affected so we can see issues in a more positive light.
The stress is still there but we handle it with more ease and confidence.
An anonymous sponsor has generously offered to pay $25 towards the cost of a ticket for any teacher who wants to attend the event.
Purchase the ticket by July 31, 2022 for $25 off!
Coupon code: Teachers25off

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