Our Great Recovery in Las Cruces!


The Our Great Recovery event is coming soon! Pick the day that works best for you, Friday the 19th or Saturday the 20th of August.

SIMPLY FRESH will be providing lunch! I had one of their meals today and it was fantastic!!!


The last few years have been a doozy and have magnified a lot of issues for people.

This event is for people who:

👉 Are in the customer care or patient care industry.

👉 Tend to put other people’s needs before their own. And when they put themselves first they feel guilty.

👉 Judge themselves harshly.

👉 Want to move forward but feel stuck. People who have tried many different things to try and feel better but feel stuck. People who just feel off!

👉 Have jaw or throat issues, often unable to voice their opinion or ask for what they need. Where the words they want to say are “trapped.”

👉 Feel socially awkward or anxious around people.

👉 Have lost the passion and joy they once had…especially when it comes to work.

There are two crucial and foundational steps that once completed will allow you to implement all of the self-help practices you’ve been working so hard on.  All the changes you try to make in your life, but have been unable to so far, hinge on these first two steps.

During the event you will learn what they are and the impact they have your life when you don’t take them.

Our revolutionary approach is based on the latest scientific techniques that allow people to heal quickly.

OUR GREAT DOORPRIZES!!! So many goodies!

✨ Genia from Scentsy has donated a super cool diffuser.

✨ Anita from The Basket Case asked if she could donate one of her amazing gift baskets.

✨ Gift certificates for services from Drip Drive Las Cruces, Sonoma Stretch, Massage by Feli, and Reveal the Heart.

🧡 Thank you Counseling Las Cruces, Sonoma Acupuncture, Starbucks, and Natural Movement Pilates for your support!

And of course…Drip Drive is providing the hydration for the event…because that is what they do! They are also offering B12 shot for only $10 and a drip for $65 (+tax)

We are grateful for Our Great Volunteers that have helped us make the event possible.

Judith our keynote speaker & Tamera our guest speaker – THANK YOU for being willing to share your wisdom.

Taylor! I’m so excited to reveal your great sense of humor and dramatic flare during the event. Thank you for helping us ensure we have lighthearted moments sprinkled in which allows for faster healing.



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