Normal Does Not Mean Ideal

An alternative approach to address anxiety and depression symptoms.

It’s as weird as having a toilet paper shortage and wearing a mask when going out in public. I can honestly say I didn’t think I would ever experience those issues in my lifetime. I didn’t think I would ever deal with anxiety or depression either.

Knowing what I know now, I can see that I had always struggled with anxiety and depression symptoms but I had amazing coping skills that masked the issues. It was “normal” for my family, therefore I could not see there was anything wrong or that something could improve.

Just because something is normal does not make it ideal.

When we approach anxiety and depression as a heart issue to pay attention to, instead of a mental health issue to overcome:

👉 we do not dig into the past

👉 once the “old” is released the triggers decrease

👉 we start feeling better physically…we may have more energy, sleep better, etc.

Everything is connected.

Physical, emotional, mental and spirit. We cannot focus on the mental aspect and expect to get better.

To address the issues that are beyond logic, which does not make them illogical, we must use a different approach. The system I use is based off the research of Quantum Physics, Applied Kinesiology, Epigentics, etc.

Not normal at all.

💃 Thank goodness! Normal meant I was going to continue to suffer. An alternative approach meant recovery was possible instead of spending my energy managing the symptoms.

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