Video: Is it really shame?

Emotions are Vital

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Emotions are a vital part of being a human being, yet many of us are taught that we need to deny or stuff our emotions. We may even learn that some emotions are acceptable and others are bad. Feeling shame is often a “cover” for a deeper emotion that is too painful to experience like anger.

In our society, women are often taught that anger is bad. Yet it is a natural emotion to have when there is an injustice in the world or an injustice against yourself. 

Signs or symptoms that can be the result of unresolved anger:

  • Crying when angry
  • Chronic health issues, anxiety, depression
  • Staying busy to keep the mind from going crazy
  • Frozen or an inability to speak up in a confrontation
  • Crazed, dazed or confused after a conversation
  • You or someone else has labeled you as too sensitive or too naïve.
  • Never feeling angry
  • Exhaustion/can’t sleep

When I did not understand anger was healthy, my own health suffered immensely.

This free mini session is a result of anger.  I read something on social media and I felt shame that I was so naïve. When I went a little deeper though, I discovered anger. After I allowed the anger to flow, then I could think with a clear mind and decided to offer a free session.

Healthy anger can be a catalyst for change ~ imagine the anger women felt when they did not have the right to vote!

Physical Sensations

In sessions I always encourage people to feel the sensations in their body. Not what we may think the emotion or feeling is, but the actually physical pings or twinges. This may be uncomfortable but should not cause anxiety. If it does, please stop trying to feel the sensations ~ there are other issues going on that need to be addressed. I have struggled with this myself and needed additional support. Contact Me if would like guidance on this.

In the video I focus on starting to improve our relationship with anger, to decrease stress & feel better. If you would like to understand why we must use alternative methods to address the surface issue of shame, watch this video. Skip ahead to 4:10 for the explanation.

Free Mini-Session on Healthy Anger

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