Individual Healing Program

Work with me...I am a catalyst for change!

Don’t take my word for it though, my clients have called me:

  • Miracle Worker
  • Giver of Hope
  • An Amplifier

People who choose to have individual healing sessions with me are ready to see a change in their life. They long to live a more fulfilling life.

During sessions, old energetic patterns are disrupted allowing stress and overwhelm to be released so the body can heal naturally. 

My “superpower” is being able to make connections for people so they can make different choices that will enhance their lives.

Demo of a Structured Energy Healing Session

How Do Sessions work?

Together, over a Zoom call, we create a Health Map© using the Accunect© energy healing system.

It’s your own personal path to wellness based on the symptoms you have, experiences you have had and your unique personality. The system helps us to identify the root issues causing imbalances within the body.

Sessions last between 45 minutes – 1 Hour 15 minutes.

Package Price Includes the Pivot to Wellness Video Program
Guided energy healing videos delivered to you that empower, improve balance, and provide relief.

The energy in the world is always shifting and changing as are we. Look how quickly the energy in the world changed when Covid-19 hit! The videos will help you adapt to our ever changing world.

  • New Improving Balance in your Life video every Monday
  • New Emotional Relief video every Wednesday
  • New Empowerment video every Friday

Free discovery call to see if individual sessions are right for you.