Narc – Summertime Blues

When you shift to Pure Love, Truth, the Good, the Divine...instead of aligning with people who show narcissistic tendencies…you will probably notice the relief you feel. Because People! The crazy making is truly real!

And we are here to bring happiness and more joy to this world.

During this alignment, we’re shifting from a disempowering state of being with the mindset of “that person brought me down” to an empowering state of being where you recognize that person who treated you so poorly is just “showing me an insecurity I didn’t even know I had.”

And we can work on healing that!

Notice if there is any gratitude that you don’t have to carry this burden anymore…you don’t have to carry the burden of people with narc tendencies anymore! You’ll have more energy to do the things that fill your soul.

NOTE: If you don’t find the switch, no worries! I work with people on creating the safety they need so they can find the switch

Spiritual Purification

For those struggling to think clearly, feel weighed down by other people’s energy…this simple practice will tap into the power of spiritual purification.

It will instantly release negative influences hidden in your body. 

After you do this quick Spiritual practice for 7 days you will likely feel lighter in spirit and able to see your situation more clearly so you know what steps you need to take next.

At Reveal the Heart, we help you quickly restore your vitality and make your dreams a reality.

I’m Johnlyn Broeder, and I’ve developed a simple yet powerful 5-part Tranquility Process™ that helps people feel better in days...not years like some other methods.

And if you’re wondering how it can happen so quickly; it’s because energetic alignment releases the actual source of your pain.

Instead of just endlessly talking about unpleasant feelings –

Rehashing your past traumas –

Or delving deep into your childhood.

You can expect to leave each session feeling lighter and more in tune with your body—not totally wrecked.

Join me and discover the tranquility within just waiting to be released.

Testimonial From Lindsey Lemieux:

“…And the work that I did with Johnlyn even just on the first day helped so much.

I felt like I was being heard, that I wasn’t being judged.

She’s helped me with my business, confidence, with my kids.

She’s helped me just better understand me which is an amazing feeling…”

One remarkably common transformation happens with most of my clients...

They feel a bubbling joy they haven’t experienced in years (if ever.) And it happens surprisingly quickly…

As you’ll see, there’s ONE thing in particular that probably blocks your joy right now.

And after you clear that block — you’re free to experience lasting joy.

Roadmap to Tranquility™

Absolutely Free

Easily uncover hidden harmful master boundaries holding you back so you can break limitations and then boldly pursue what matters most to you…igniting joy and vitality in your life!

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Confidence & More Alive!

I was struggling with some past trauma and some difficulties in my business. I had tried other therapy options but talk therapy wasn’t cutting it.I was looking for new ways to deal with the stresses that life throws at you...after working with Johnlyn I have confidence in what I am doing in my business, and I feel more alive in my day-to-day life.I highly recommend you go for it!