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Hope through Healing Throat Issues

Now is the time.

You are on a mission (even if you aren’t clear what that mission is yet) and are ready to take empowered action steps towards your truest heart’s desires. Yet every time you try to take a step forward it feels like something is holding you back!

You may have experienced the frustration and embarrassment of freezing, literally not being able to get your words out. Or even becoming fake when it comes to speaking your truth…ever noticed your voice raising and octave or two when your fakeness kicks in?!? 

You wake up in the middle of the night ruminating over the stupid thing you said.

Or worse…you keep silent for far too long and when you finally speak up, to your horror you lose your cool and blow up at the person!  😲

👉 You want to use your voice in your relationships, but speaking up makes you sick to your stomach. You may even experience IBS symptoms. And forget about public speaking! 😲 

👉 Perhaps there is a lump in your throat, “heart burn,” or excess mucous that doctors can’t figure out and no medication provides long term relief.

👉 You always imagined having a great relationship with your own kids…you certainly didn’t want them to experience what you did, but you don’t know what to say to them. Ashamed that the thought comes up of “it’s really not that bad!” feeling exasperated because what you wanted was to be this amazing parent who was kind, patient, and understanding.

👉 People recommend you have your thyroid checked because it happened to them or someone they know. So you do that as recommended but the medication causes even more problems.

👉 Your voice is so soft people can barely hear you…compared to having a strong, confident, direct voice people will listen to.

In order to manifest your truest heart’s desires, you must be able to show up authentically and speak directly from the heart.

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NOTE: This spiritual development work is not intended to replace traditional medical treatment or emotional support.​

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