Health is Wealth

Moving to Las Cruces, NM during a pandemic was really interesting! It was night and day difference compared to coming from South Dakota. I had to buy a mask!!!

Almost everything was closed when I got here so I put off getting routine health care done for a bit.

A search for a naturopath or holistic practitioner led me to Jacqueline Villalobos, ND and then Dr. Villalobos referred me to Rachel Saavedra.

I recently got the results of my vitamin D and iron.

The numbers are in the toilet. 🚽🧻

So logically you need to take vitamin D and iron supplements and change your diet to increase the numbers. Which is what I did because I freaked out that the numbers were so low. 

Then I remembered something I had researched long ago.

Low vitamin D doesn’t always mean you need to take vitamin D. It’s magnesium that’s the issue. But wait! Look at other things that could be the problem. Copper and K2 and zinc and potassium and, and, and down the rabbit hole I went.

Before I finally stopped researching and thought about the root cause underneath it all.


Our bodies know how to function when they are not stressed.

We can experience short term relief from stress by many different things like exercise, breath work, practicing gratitude, etc. But at the end of the day if we don’t alleviate the source of stress: limiting beliefs, old lingering memories, stuck emotions, etc. it’s temporary. Alleviate the source of stress that is hidden from us…we don’t know what it is, or we would have fixed it!

💃 For long lasting relief of symptoms, we have to get to the root issues or we can take supplements, eat the healthiest diet, exercise and still have health issues.

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