Fear is not an Indicator of Faith

Overwhelming emotions do not say anything about a person’s character.

Unfortunately, in our society many people believe it says something about you if you can’t choose to be happy regardless of the circumstances. I was one of those people. I believed you should be able to feel grateful regardless of the situation and that mind over matter worked for everyone. It is one of the reasons why it took me so long to seek help for depression. The shame & guilt I felt was enormous.

Lately, this statement is all over the Internet: “Faith over Fear.” How much fear you are experiencing is not an indicator of your faith. If there is overwhelming fear or any other emotion, it is an indicator of hidden pain that you are unaware of. Pain that affects every aspect of your life but you don’t even know it’s there. With everything going on in the world right now the judgment of people who experience overwhelm is getting worse. There is a lot of shaming, blaming and name calling from some really loud people who simply do not understand.

Pre Covid 19, 40 million adults admitted they struggle with anxiety: https://adaa.org/about-adaa/press-room/facts-statistics I imagine that number is higher now.

Fear is not the problem.

Emotions are not the problem.

We are not robots 🤖.

We are human beings who are supposed to have emotions to guide us in life.

👉 Judgment of emotions are a problem.

👉 Intolerance of people who struggle with loneliness, fear, anger and sadness is a problem.

👉 Hidden pain a person is unaware of, is a problem. We create habits and patterns around the pain without knowing it.

There is a simple way to get to the pain without digging up the past or causing more pain. If the pain remains it will continue to cause issues.


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