There is so much going on beneath the surface that we cannot explain logically.

We want to feel joy & peace, we want to feel like we are contributing to the world but when there is too much “stuff” going on internally it doesn’t happen. I saw a lady wearing a mask the other day that said, “things are going to get better.” We had a conversation about her mask and talked about everything that was going on in Texas (we live close to the Texas border.) Things are definitely not better in Texas right now. Maybe things will get better but maybe they will get worse. We really don’t know what is going to happen.

Can we still feel inner joy & peace?

I have talked to several people who are at peace. They have a lot of issues going on in their lives just like most people, but deep within they feel at ease.

We cannot feel at peace when the mind is spinning out of control, when we cannot sleep, or when there is overwhelming sadness. These issues are signals from the body that something is out of balance within.

We have to go beyond the surface platitudes or false hope because believing and trusting that things are going to get better and then seeing them get worse is really difficult.

Maybe a statement like “we can handle what comes our way” would be more beneficial? Logically I believe that to be true, that we as humans learn to adapt to the circumstances life throws our way. However, it’s one thing to believe it logically and another to believe it within the heart.

🌈 When we believe we can handle what comes our way, deep, deep, deep within, all the way to our bones, then feelings of peace and joy can return, even though we have no idea what the future holds for us.

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