Everything is Entwined

Life is like a big plate of spaghetti noodles.

If you take all of your life experiences + genetics + family traditions + society norms + aspects of you (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) + the coping mechanisms you’ve developed, everything is entangled. Everything.

When seeking treatment for anxiety & depression you can address just the symptoms, but the root issues will still be there affecting your life.

🍝 To figure out the root issues, you could jump into the big pile of spaghetti and have the muck and yuck of the noodles in every crevice while you try to find the root issues, but personally I found that this caused even more pain, anxiety, & depression. There are other alternatives. Alternatives based on scientific research done by smaller companies, but they don’t have the money to advertise the outcomes of their studies like the big pharmaceutical companies do.

⚡ I started taking alternative healthcare classes and studying more about energy because of the changes I saw in myself. I have witnessed many changes in my clients and heard many testimonials from others who could not get relief with just traditional treatment. Alternative healthcare can help decrease the triggers and address the root issues with less pain.

👉  Remember when yoga was weird? Bottled water? Cell phones? Energy work is not mainstream yet, but it can be very effective.

Stress affects every area of a person’s life including their immune system. Decreased immune function can mean more health issues.

There are a lot of alternatives available when you are open minded.

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