Spiritual Healing Sessions

Get what you want out of life, live a fulfilling life AKA manifest your truest hearts desires.

From my experience healing doesn’t have to be hard, take forever, and you can’t just talk about the symptoms you are experiencing. We’ll get started with the session in just a moment but I wanted to share just a bit about what we really need in order to experience long term relief of symptoms that I include with my signature healing methods.

We heal when we are in a relaxed state of being. To facilitate that relaxed state of being  I always encourage people to remember that I’m not “fixing” you and have no intentions of trying to do so. My intentions for you are simple.

  1. Provide a sacred and nurturing environment for you to tune in and connect with your own self and your unique connection with the Divine so that you align with a path that is deeply fulfilling for you.
  2. I transmute the emotions that arise and help you process them energetically to clear out bottled up emotions that are ready to be released that can otherwise be quite overwhelming. AKA the emotional baggage that weighs you down.

It is very important for the most effective and efficient healing to add in lightheartedness, boatloads of self-compassion, and radical acceptance that the symptoms you are experiencing MIGHT mean something there is a wound to be healed.

I would even say healing happens faster when we just admit we must have a need for healing without knowing all of the details. This way we avoid arguing with our logical brain and focus on the core heart needs that didn’t get met. When we focus internally, instead of on outside circumstances, your healing is supercharged.

And why is that important? 

Because who has time to waste? The time is now for you to live your unique perfect-for-you life!