Energetic Boundaries

Honor Your Boundaries With Your Family

So you can stand up to them and feel more love and happiness!

Have you ever experienced a family gathering where it feels like everyone starts ganging up on you…discussing your shortcomings or mocking the things that interest you?

And when you speak up about the issue, you may get a response like “don’t be so sensitive, we’re just joking.”

Or maybe even worse, “don’t be so emotional!”

Pretty soon you notice your own defensiveness kick into high gear and reply with some of your own snarkiness.

Or experience a shrinking feeling or even a complete shutdown.

And you’re left wondering why this always seems to happen…trying to convince yourself that it doesn’t matter anyway.

I’m guessing you barely even recognize yourself in those moments…almost like being a shell of yourself and feeling like a pile of 💩.

And you probably find yourself relapsing into old habits you swore you were done with.


I bet you’ve tried things people commonly suggest when you feel down:

👉 Finding something to be grateful for.

👉 Serving others.

👉 Avoiding family gatherings.

👉 Starting your own new traditions.

But the guilt, off feeling, anxiety, depression, or loneliness doesn’t go away.

In fact, it seems to have gotten worse over time where even thinking of the next family gathering triggers you.

And if any of this sounds like you, you are in good hands!

Energetic Boundaries to the Rescue!

Because when you have energetic boundaries in place, you will likely not only get through the next family gathering…you can also experience long term relief so you don’t dread the next one.

Check out the video and tips below!

Boundaries With Your Family

  • Prepare – envision the typical family gathering BY YOURSELF. And notice that in that moment you are safe (because you are by yourself.) Notice what safety feels like in your body because they can’t actually do anything since you are alone.
    • Allow fear, terror, anger, sadness, etc. to move through your body.



  • For short term relief, you can buy a crystal bracelet or ten 😀 (make sure the stone touches your skin). My crystal expert recommends amethyst for everyone on a healing journey. Personally I don’t always recommend grounding stones! I do love selenite though (NOT quartz!)



  • Become a gray rubber rock…literally step into “Hello! I’m a gray rubber rock” mentality! No emotion displayed. No fighting back, no defending. Almost monotone. Be advised, THIS IS A SHORT TERM FIX! And is surprisingly simple and effective.
    • And then go do the shaky body wash later to release the emotions when you are safe.

For long term relief of being triggered by your family:

  • Ask for help…in a lighthearted way “Hey Yo Divine (or whatever word you are comfortable with) show me the color I most need to heal so I can feel good naturally. 
    • Then walk around wherever you are and see what color you are naturally drawn to. Recently for me it was lavender. WHAT! I am never, ever, ever drawn to lavender.
    • Notice what colors you are avoiding or that make you feel lower. NOTE: it’s interesting…it doesn’t necessarily mean anything. 


  • Walk around your neighborhood or your house and take pictures of things that make you feel good.


  • Release Grief: Grief Release Video 
    • As you watch the video, you’ll be releasing deep-seated grief hidden in your body — and in only 35 minutes, you’ll probably start to feel lighter and more hopeful about the future.
    • And if you’re wondering how it can happen so quickly; it’s because energy healing releases the actual source of your pain.
    • Instead of just endlessly talking about unpleasant feelings…
    • …or desperately finding something to be grateful for — you’ll release the actual source of your pain.