Daily Self Care

15 minute video that is packed with information including:

  • Why we need more fun & lightheartedness
  • Fight or flight response
  • What appears as a choice, is no choice at all. Energy is at play here.
  • Covid 19 & Company
  • Patterns & habits of staying in mucky and yucky situations but you can’t see that you have any other choice.
  • Emotions ~ we have them for a reason.
  • We are not here to struggle.

Includes 2 Simple & Quick Exercises with PDFs

One exercise starts to address the deeper issues. To get to the deeper issues you have to approach it completely different than if you had a cut on your hand that you needed to put a band aid on. 

The other exercise helps you manage the symptoms as they arise.  After you watch the video, there are more FAQ’s to support you on your journey.

Tension Breaker!

During the video I get totally side tracked by a bunny (technically a black-tailed jackrabbit). I was going to redo the video but I decided that it must have been the tension breaker I needed!