Kick out the mom guilt and create the life you and your family deserve.

The Thriving Mom Toolkit

So, this parenting thing is more difficult than you matter the age of your kids, you can still become the mom you've always wanted to be.

There’s far more stress, pressure and conflict than you ever imagined. Despite your best intentions, you find yourself repeating phrases and behaviors from your own childhood you swore you would never use. You’ve read all the books, watched all the ‘experts’ to try and improve the vibe, but this cloud is still hanging over your household. They make it sound so simple to improve the family dynamic, but the more you ‘research’, the worse you feel that you’re not measuring up.


What can you do to fix it, and become the mom you’d always pictured you’d be?!

Little by little with The Thriving Mom Toolkit you'll learn how to:

We talk as if "mom guilt" is normal, it might be the norm, but I'm not okay with it!


Weekly clearing sessions to eliminate perfectionist tendencies and unrealistic expectations, while keeping our standards high.


Inspirational exercises that can be done in 30 seconds or less…to reinforce your intentions to be a better person.


Interactive compassionate accountability sessions weekly to discover root issues that need to be addressed.

who is she?


Hi I’m Johnlyn ~ like Jacqueline, but with John.

I’m an energy healer and wellness advocate for stressed out moms. I help families find and restore their peace through gentle, practical methods. The truth is, many of us were raised in a way that impacts us negatively even as adults – ways we’d rather not have our kids experience. My mission is to guide moms on their own journey of healing so that they can activate a reset of generational patterns and become the parent they always imagined they could be.

My own experience as a parent has been tempered with satisfying highs and unexpected lows. With two kids of my own who couldn’t be more different from each other, I faced major challenges in navigating their unique needs. Was I always the perfect parent? Nope. Did I want to be? Absolutely. I’ve experienced life both as a stay-at-home mom and as a working mom, and I know how impossible both situations can feel at times – guilt, shame and compromise are common themes for both.

My focus is on helping you feel good again, without adding even more heaviness to your heart. I believe that once we find the missing links in our own parenting journey, we’ll set our children up for a happier, easier life, and change the world one family at a time.

I’m looking forward to meeting you!

~ Johnlyn


from Elizabeth...

Coming in to my session with Johnlyn, I had no idea what to expect, just that I had some ‘stuff’ that I needed to work on. I suppose I thought it might be confronting, but my healing session was a truly effortless experience. We let the conversation meander and noticed more than one fascinating ‘energy coincidence’ as we hit on particular topics. I left the time with Johnlyn feeling lighter and more connected to myself than I had in a long time. She equipped me with the tools to check in with myself and the universe in order to stay in this lighter space. I’m truly grateful for the time we spent together, and look forward to the next session.

from Kiley...

I feel like I now have the tools I need to manage the the tough situations that come up in my life. 

from Lindsey...

When I was telling Lindsey from Sonoma Stretch about the Thriving Mom Toolkit I was creating, I *loved* how casually she said “I don’t have mom guilt anymore anymore since I started working with you.”

from of Lindsey's best friends

I have honestly seen so many changes in Linz in the past several months. 
One of the biggest is her peace.
Her anxiety, stress, and other challenges are less than they had been before. She has a peace about her and I can literally feel it when we talk or are together.
When I’m having a hard time and she calls, her calmness is palpable. It’s like she knows the anxiety and stress don’t define her , and she knows how to work through it without it taking over. She’s happier, and her confidence as a mom has increased so much!
So much less mom guilt and worry. 
She is learning how to celebrate and take pride in her accomplishments – not just brushing past them. It’s like a weight has been lifted as she learns more of who she is and how to deal with the hard things life throws. She speaks kinder to herself, and encourages others in the same way.
She genuinely smiles, is happy, an amazing mom, and just a light to all around her. The changes have been so awesome to watch ❤️ she’s always been amazing – but now she’s recognizing it, being kind to herself, accepting herself and I’m just really proud of her!

What Do We Need?!?

We need the ABCC's! Yes, 2 C's!

Avoiding Avoidance

You might not even know you’re doing it, but everyone is avoiding something. Whether it’s working longer hours than necessary, cleaning your house within an inch of its life, checking out of day-to-day tasks, or putting them off until the last minute possible… We all have methods for avoiding big feelings, choices or changes in our lives. Together we’ll confront the gaps one by one so you can take the next ‘life step’ with ease.

Brave Boundaries

We’ve been programmed from a young age to ignore our instincts. What we ‘like’ and ‘don’t like’ can often be dictated by others when we’re young. The consequence is that as adults we struggle to identify and enforce our own personal ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’ – our boundaries. Together we’ll discover the boundaries that serve you and your family best, being able to say ‘no’ (with love), or even a considered ‘yes’… until it feels natural, effortless and automatic.

Constructive Communication

It’s funny. We have millions of words at our disposal, but choosing to speak the right ones at the right time can feel like torture. We’ll do anything not to have a difficult conversation, or to avoid hurting ourselves or others - sometimes at the expense of true progress. So how can we say what we need to say productively without descending into crisis mode? Together we’ll explore our unique communication styles, free the words that are stuck in our throats and stay true to ourselves without hurting others.

Claiming Connection

When we remember how to connect socially and spiritually, we feel a deep sense of belonging, worthiness and fulfillment. The trick is, finding the ‘rite’ connections for YOU. Together we’ll investigate your family connections (or lack of them) and make sure they’re working for your family.

Why get support?

If you’ve ever felt that lump in your throat when it comes time to say your piece, something’s not working. Your stomach may clench with the dread of speaking your mind, or maybe you just have that background hum of nervousness that never seems to leave… It’s a truly exhausting experience to hold all that in your body with no clear path to relief.

You may not know it yet, but momma, you’ve got some healing to do.

And while ‘healing’ may sound hard, we both know staying the same is not an option. You’re such a dedicated parent – you’ve been holding everything together for so long… but what would it feel like to simply surrender to the experience and watch your kids flourish? What would life look like if you found a way to tip the scales of joy back in your favor?

For so long now the burden has been on us as moms to be the ultimate source of happiness for our families. But what if we’re not happy? Have we failed as moms? As far as I’m concerned, we’ve been set an impossible task. And the sooner we free ourselves of these externally-set expectations, the more relaxed, free and truly joyful we can be.

Are you ready to kick out "mom guilt" and thrive?

3 Options Available

Option 1


  • Online energy coaching sessions
  • Regular inspirational prompts
  • Safe community of like-minded moms

* You may cancel anytime and join again at the current member price.

Option 2 One month FREE (Save $97)


  • Commit to household happiness
  • Build stronger foundations
  • Watch your kids grow and change as you do

* Recurring membership, save $97 by paying every 6 months. You may cancel after 6 months.

Option 3


  • 1hr 1:1 Clear Intentions Consult
  • Remaining 5 Months a 30 minute 1:1 “Tune Up” via Zoom
  • Additional VOXER support

* You may cancel anytime. If you choose to cancel you must wait 6 months before joining again at the current price.

3 Month Intensive

By application only.

Includes all of the above from the $97 Monthly Option and an intensive healing plan and personalized attention for moms who want to flourish.

For moms who are tired of the healing process and ready to move forward ASAP and live the life they and their families deserve! Weekly or biweekly sessions depending on the person’s needs and their intentions. Prices starting at $3,500 and up.