Choose Your Support Carefully

On my journey back to health, I encountered numerous health care practitioners. To my surprise, I found that some health care practitioners can do more harm than good. In one instance I had a marriage counselor treat me with so much disrespect that I stood up to leave, but “good manners” prevailed so I sat back down.

I do not believe that everything always happens for a reason, but in this case, I can look back and see it was a good thing. I had been in the habit of denying my anger. The anger always came out, it just came out as crying, (then crying harder because I was so mad I was crying) nagging or manipulating.

After I left the counseling session, I processed the anger (ie. pounded on my steering wheel while screaming loudly 😡), then I made a call the next day to report her behavior. Anger, handled appropriately can create change. Anger that builds, wreaks havoc. Until that time I had no idea that a counselor could be so cruel. Now that I am much healthier, I can see that she had a lot of issues and I was a convenient target. Today I try to process the anger as it happens instead of letting it build and build and build (no more pounding and screaming 😊.)

💃 Thankfully I have also experienced health care practitioners who have been there to support my journey who made a big difference in my life. You need to be very careful in who you choose to be vulnerable with. Interview the practitioner and decide if they are worthy of your time.

Clearing out old stuck emotions and learning how to feel anger in healthy ways has been a huge part of my recovery. Chronic anxiety & depression are not based on logic, so a good treatment plan needs to include work at the energetic/subtle level for long lasting relief.

👉 Knowing what I know now, energy work would have been the first thing I added in as part of my treatment plan.

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