Candlelight Healing Manifestation Ritual

Sit back, relax, and receive so that you can begin to:

  • stand up for yourself
  • stop avoiding confrontation
  • have the energy to create meaningful relationships 
  • take empowered action steps towards the life you want to create

Listen once and then light a candle every day for the next 7 days. 

Remember…the dance of the flame within…pure loving energy vibrating through every fiber of your being…integrating the imperfect infinity symbol up and down and all around!

Blow out the candle and watch the smoke waft up to the heavens.

Celebrate how you are showing up differently…even if it’s just a smidgen of a change! 

Statements to think about after the ritual is done:

  1. How would it benefit you to be able to speak freely and stand up for your beliefs?
  2. Where are you hesitating in actions? Creating relationships takes time, effort and GULP vulnerability!
  3. Imagine for a moment feeling energized! Vibrating in every fiber of your being with pure loving energy. Would other people be able to influence you? Would you feel more confident?