Ignite Your Inner Rebel and Unleash Your Roar:

The 8 Divine Activation Program for Quiet Leaders

Attention quiet leaders who aspire to create a lasting impact on the world! Are you ready to embrace your unique leadership style, break free from people-pleasing, and step into your true potential? It’s time to unleash your inner roar, guided by the empowering force of spiritual healing. Welcome to the 8 Divine Activation Program, a transformative journey designed for quiet leaders like you.

8 Divine Activations Only $40


With short videos, homework assignments, inspirational texts, and 2 group coaching calls you’ll start feeling excited, relaxed and playful about life again while staying true to your values.

It will help you recognize when you are spiritually blocked and help you begin to overcome fear based mentality and step into your heart’s desires.

We try and try to make a difference in the world!

These activations for you if it’s been over a year and you still haven’t been able to make the progress you want!

They are for people who have tried all the things to move forward with what lights them up, that make them feel alive and are tired of being stuck!

These Divine Activations will help you see possibilities that exist that you couldn’t see before due to programs that are running that you are unaware of. Programs that keep us spinning our wheels and unable to move forward.

Common Symptoms:

  • Find yourself unable to speak up with certain people
  • Unable to make decisions or feel disempowered
  • Feel stopped or blocked by some “thing” but don’t know what
  • Feel angry about organized religion or feel spiritually attacked
  • Feel stopped or blocked by some “thing” but don’t know what
  • Are experiencing a “spiritual” awakening…I call it a brutal awakening

You've done the mindset work and invested in yourself what is holding you back now is...issues are held in the cellular memory of your body.Learn a new lifestyle

8 Divine Activations Only $40

After these activations you will begin to:



NOTE: This spiritual development work is not intended to replace traditional medical treatment or emotional support.​

Group coaching calls are Monday November 28 at 7:00PM and December 5 at 7:00PM.

All videos will be recorded so you can watch at your own leisure.